Financial Sonar™ Reports

Investors are overwhelmed by data, reports, and traditional sell-side analysis offers few true insights on individual companies. Jefferson uses a unique approach to synthesizing multiple company data items that allow clients to cut through the fog of research, saving them time and effort. The Jefferson approach analyzes companies through two periscopes: fundamental performance and financial reporting quality. This information is summarized in an easily understood format in our ten-page Financial Sonar™ reports.

Based on our Torpedo Alert® rating system, our Financial Sonar™ reports providing a detailed analysis of five super dimensions: Earnings Quality, Cash Flow Quality, Operating Performance, Balance Sheet Quality, and Valuation. Most researchers measure one or the other but not all of these categories, and most traditional Wall Street Analysts tend to be over-optimistic. According to Bloomberg data (March 2011), only 5.1% of sell-side (Wall Street and other analysts) stock recommendations are sells.

Advantages to users of our Financial Sonar™ reports:

  • Financial Sonar™ methodology applies consistent analysis without bias
  • Buys have consistently outperformed sells
  • Affordable and understandable
  • Consistent and proven techniques used by institutional investors that are seldom available to individual investors and RIAs.
  • Easy to understand
  • Broad coverage of over 2,000 stocks
  • Saves advisors significant amounts of time in researching stocks
  • Provides institutional grade research for compliance purposes

Individual subscribers receive unlimited 24/7 access to 2400 individual US company reports updated weekly over the Jefferson Research website for $199/year

A Firm subscription receives access to the Financial Sonar™ reports for up to 10 users through FactSet and other research platforms that house our products for $1499/year

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